Elise Letourneau portrait


The Dance of the Longest Night EL.CB.1001 bass flute and double bass

Requiem for Fourteen Roses - The 14 Miniatures EL.CB.1002 flute 1&2, cello, bass
1.) Geneviève Bergeron; 2.) Hélène Colgan; 3.) Nathalie Croteau;
4.) Barbara Daigneault; 5.) Anne-Marie Edward; 6.) Maud Haviernick;
7.) Maryse Laganière; 8.) Maryse Leclair; 9.) Anne-Marie Lemay; 10.) Sonia Pelletier;
11.) Michèle Richard; 12.) Annie St-Arneault; 13.) Annie Turcotte;
14.) Barbara Klucznik Widajewicz

Topaz EL.WW.1001 flute or bass flute, rhythm section lead sheet

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