​​Over the years, Elise has created hundreds and hundreds of arrangements - maybe even a thousand, if she stopped long enough to count. They are mostly for choir, vocal group, piano, strings, winds, big band, and jazz and rock ensembles.

Elise's main goals when she arranges are to highlight the sweet spot of the instrument/s being written for, to keep the skills and preferences of the intended players firmly in mind, to honour the intent of the composer of the work, and to add a judicious touch of something cool or unexpected.

Elise learned her craft from Bob Freedman, Dennis Grillo, Tom McGah, Lennie Peterson, and Deke Sharon, plus hard knocks and trial and error.

For this kind of work, Elise charges $65 per hour. This encompasses arranging, orchestrating, transcribing, creating lead sheets, and music preparation.

Elise Letourneau : arranger

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  • Glimmer Mass - Kyrie.mp32:38
  • Glimmer Mass - Sanctus & Benedictus2:52
  • Glimmer Mass - Lamb of God2:40

"Beautiful arrangement! To say nothing of how well it's sung. I love how at the 1:00 and 2:00 marks, she doesn't go to the obvious resolution. Makes the payoff at the end that much sweeter!"
- Ed Toth, drummer for The Doobie Brothers, in reference to Elise Letourneau's arrangement of "À la claire fontaine" recorded by The Fieldown Singers

Elise Letourneau portrait